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What Results Can You Expect from a Healthy Scalp Routine?

What Results Can You Expect from a Healthy Scalp Routine?

We caught up with four customers to see how their hair changed after a year of scalp care with Root22Serum. Read on for how a healthy scalp routine affects postpartum hair loss, traction alopecia, dryness, dandruff, and transitioning to natural hair.

The banner reads "Customer Stories From a Year of Root22Serum" accompanied by photos of beautiful Black women with natural hair


Want healthy hair? You need a healthy scalp. 

So many people don’t realize that hair health starts at the root. So, if you’re experiencing thinning edges, balding, or dry and brittle hair- you should amp up your scalp care routine immediately.

But, so many of us- going back generations and generations- never learned what a healthy scalp routine is and why it matters to the long-term health and beauty of the hair.

The good news is that it’s never too late to start properly caring for your scalp and treating your crown with the love it deserves.

That’s the whole reason we launched Vigor Roots in the first place! To make sure everyone knows how to have a healthy scalp and healthy hair.

Ashante Connor and Nathalee DuRose smile while testing out Root22Serum: everyone's favorite healthy scalp routine

In celebration of our first anniversary, we caught up with four customers to see how a year of Root22 scalp serum has affected their hair health and confidence.

Healthy Hair Regrowth For Thinning Edges

Ashante Connor, Ed.D., had stopped and started many routines and remedies to address her traction alopecia, a common form of hair loss due to styles that place prolonged tension on the scalp.

Though a few products gave her some success, it would soon evaporate when she put in a new tension style- forcing her to start over again and feel discouraged.

A fan of an efficient wash & go routine, Connor found it hard to stay consistent with a hair growth regimen.

When she started with Root22Serum, she used it inconsistently until she saw a post on the Vigor Roots Instagram account about a bald customer who had hair regrowth within 3 months of regularly using Root22.

Inspired, she booked a 1:1 consultation with Vigor Roots Founder Nathalee DuRose to discuss her hair concerns and followed her recommendation to use Root22 daily. Meanwhile, the pandemic had forced her to start her natural hair journey, giving her scalp a break after many years of rocking styles such as tight twists, weaves, and wigs.

Within 30 days, Connor saw her edges start to fill in. In 90 days, she saw the thickness of her hair return.

“Because my scalp was in better condition, my hair was in better condition. I wanted to keep it in better condition, so it snowballed,” she said. “I love my hair now. And I didn’t always love my hair.”

Connor wasn’t the only one to get excellent results.

After a childhood of permed hair, Ammaletta Campbell was struggling with a thinning hairline and balding spots despite having embraced her natural hair and using only high-quality, plant-based remedies on her scalp. 

Ammaletta Campbell encourages consistent scalp care. She wears a gold blazer and red glasses

She had long kept a hairline concealer in her purse by the time DuRose recommended she test Root22Serum.

Campbell used Root22 once a day on just one side of her head for 30 days. It only took that long for her to start seeing healthy new hair growth.

So, she started massaging the serum into her full scalp and hairline each day. Soon, she noticed her tight 4C curls growing softer, less brittle, and more manageable. The shedding she had grown used to had slowed.

Though Root22Serum contained many of the natural remedies she’d already tried on their own, the unique, balanced blend of the Root22 formula had given her the best results of any hair growth remedy she’d tried.

Oh, and she no longer had to regularly excuse herself to touch up her hairline.

“Now it’s no longer part of my makeup bag,” she said of the hair concealer she used to bring everywhere.

Healthy New Hair After Postpartum Hair Loss

Due to the hormonal shifts and the stress of pregnancy and childbirth, it’s very common to have excessive hair shedding and even balding in the months after giving birth.

Natural Hair Stylist Morgan Hill-Murray had experienced postpartum hair loss before and was going through it again after recently giving birth. As it had before, the thinning had started at her temples, then spread throughout her hair.

But, this time, she had Root22. And, this time, she could see a huge difference in how quickly her hair returned to full-thickness. 

Morgan looks glamorous in a white outfit. She explains that luxurious hair requires a healthy scalp

Hill-Murray saw her temples start to fill in after 30 days of rolling Root22 into her hairline and scalp every day. The thickness of her hair was restored after roughly 90 days- even though by Month 3 she had slowed to using the serum every other day.

Impressed by the results and happy that the product didn’t irritate her sensitive skin, she started recommending Root22 to her clients struggling with any sort of hair thinning or scalp issues. For the clients that used Root22 consistently, across the board, they tended to see results within 3 months. 

Myeche Yee also experienced thinning edges after giving birth, but after using Root22 3 times a week, she saw her hairline fill in within 60 days. She also noticed far less shedding whenever she took her braids down.

Happy with the results, Yee started using Root22 every day and was amazed to discover it also brought relief from a scalp condition she’d struggled with since childhood.

Relief From Dryness & Flaking 

Myeche wears a hot pink blazer with her braids in a chic style coiled on top of her head. She says that whatever you're going through with your hair and scalp, you're not alone.

Seborrheic dermatitis is a common condition that can cause red patches of scaly skin and stubborn dandruff.

Yee tried dozens of treatments recommended by dermatologists or that she’d researched online, hoping to soothe her dry, itchy scalp and calm the noticeable flaking that caused her such embarrassment. She tried everything from Selsun Blue to Sulfur8 to tea tree oil and prescribed medications, but nothing seemed to give her consistent relief. She’d start a new scalp treatment, get disappointed, and give up.

Before trying Root22Serum, she’d nearly lost all hope that she could ever relieve the condition that was disrupting her daily life. She had to wear a bonnet to see friends, hide her hairbrush from company, and at one point, she’d even cut off all of her hair.

But when Yee started using Root22 every night, she was shocked to notice a big difference. Her scalp looked cleaner and felt moisturized. Plus, the flaking was nearly gone!

“Now, I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Now it’s not a part of who I am,” Yee said, adding that she also noticed a big boost in her confidence.

Yee recommends Root22 to everyone these days, always encouraging them to stay consistent and not to lose hope. “Whatever you’re going through, just know someone else is going through the same thing,” she said.

A Quick & Soothing Routine

Now, a year later, Root22 is still part of all the women’s regular routine.

Connor keeps a bottle on her desk so she remembers to use it throughout the day when she works from home. “I like the rollerball. It’s not messy,” Connor said.

The women agreed that it’s sometimes difficult to apply the right amount with dropper applicators for other products.

Campbell keeps a bottle in her washroom and applies it first thing in the morning and last thing before bed at night.

Yee keeps a bottle on her nightstand so it can nourish her scalp under her satin Vigor Roots bonnet while she sleeps.

Hill-Murray has a full skin and scalp care ritual. “I enjoy it! It forces me to self-care,” she said. “I look forward to the time. Even the smell! I like that earthy smell.” 

Nathalee grins with her beautiful natural hair on display. She says that the first step for healthy hair is to care for the scalp.

She likes to apply the serum after showering so it can better penetrate the pores of the scalp which are more open due to the heat from the steam of the shower.

Spreading The Word That #ScalpCareIsSelfCare

As a natural hair stylist, educating clients of all hair types, textures, styles, and ethnicities about scalp care is a huge part of Hill-Murray’s work.

“I have never come across someone who has luxurious hair and their scalp condition doesn’t look great,” she said.

She explained that the depictions of “beautiful hair” in the media have long been focused on the outward appearance of the hair rather than educating about how to properly care for the health of the scalp.

“[A lot of people] don’t associate their hair with their scalp. They don’t associate split ends with their scalp,” she said.

“When you [just] focus on how it looks, you’re not worried about the health,” Connor added. “A woman has to be educated on how they come hand in hand.”

Opening The Door to Embracing Natural Hair 

If thinking about scalp care and going on a natural hair journey is bringing up some baggage for you, you’re not alone.

“I try to get all my clients to: ‘I love my hair',” Hill-Murray said. Of weaves and wigs, she added, “You want to get to a point where it’s a want to, not a have to."

But there are some major obstacles to contend with.  

Ashante Connor rocks some gorgeous curls and reminds that healthy hair is beautiful hair

“On television and in magazines, the representation was straight, thick hair,” Hill-Murray said of why so many Black women feel pressured to change the hair they have.

Not to mention absurd mainstream ideals of “professional” hair that exclude the styles and textures of many people of color.

All the women agreed that the healthier their scalps were, the easier it was to love their hair, no matter the style they chose to wear.

“The outcome of any style is going to be 10 times better on healthy hair than unhealthy hair,” Hill-Murray said.

Connor acknowledged that it’s a big, often uncomfortable transition to go natural and that you shouldn’t be pressured into it. And if you love your weaves and wigs and want to keep rocking them, that is a completely valid choice. 

“I would tell a woman who is considering [going natural], educate yourself. But do it when you’re ready. When I did it when I wasn’t ready, I felt ugly, I wasn’t confident, and I was almost resentful of the folks encouraging me,” she said after explaining she’d tried to go natural at least three separate times. “I did it when I was ready.”

But now, a ways into her natural hair journey, she’s celebrating how her love for her hair is encouraging others to love theirs.

“I like my hair! It’s cute. It’s pretty,” she said. “I find that being natural inspires other Black women to embrace natural hair too.”

Of the women who have adopted Root22Serum into their healthy scalp routines, Connor said, “We’re like walking billboards. As my hair grows, people are like, ‘What are you doing with your hair?’” The answer is: taking good care of her scalp. Spread the word!

Want to get in on #ScalpCareIsSelfCare? Get started with Root22.

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