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A woman with a beautiful afro stands against a bronze background with the caption "How To Have a Healthy DIY Scalp Care Routine"

Scalp Care 101: Why Everyone Needs a Scalp Care Routine

Everything you need to know to have a healthy scalp care routine so you can protect against hair thinning and loss and promote healthy hair growth.
A woman with a beautiful afro stands against a bronze background with the caption "How To Have a Healthy DIY Scalp Care Routine"

Little known fact: scalp care is essential to hair health.

What we tend to think of as hair problems like thinning, balding, split ends, dryness, etc. can actually be symptoms of poor scalp health.

In fact, the better we are at caring for our scalps, the more likely we are to prevent hair thinning and loss as we age and our hair regrowth cycles inevitably become less robust.

“In general, the condition of the scalp will determine the health of the hair. A healthy scalp will elude scalp disease or vice versa; an unhealthy scalp will cause scalp diseases and prevent hair growth.” - Nathalee DuRose, Vigor Roots founder

Yes, sometimes hair loss is hereditary, but sometimes it isn’t. It’s simply a reflection of a long line of people who were never taught to properly care for their scalps.

If you’re one of the many folks who never learned a scalp care routine, don’t fret, just read on. We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Why Do You Need a Scalp Care Routine? 

Regardless of whether you’re currently experiencing hair thinning or not, you need a scalp care routine.

Vigor Roots Founder Nathalee DuRose smiles against a bronze background. She is quoted as saying: "In general, the condition of the scalp will determine the health of the hair."

Consider your face. It’s important to cleanse and moisturize your face daily in order to prevent dryness and infection and keep the skin soft and supple.

Your scalp is just a continuation of the skin on your face. So, the scalp also needs to be regularly cleansed and moisturized.

What Is a Healthy Scalp Care Routine?

Depending on your hair type, you should use shampoo and conditioner 1-2 times a week to keep your scalp clean, prevent infection, and keep the pores clear so new hair can grow.

No scalp care routine is complete without a serum to massage into the scalp in order to keep the skin moisturized and improve circulation. Scalp serums should be applied:

  • 2-3 times a week for young folks with healthy hair
  • 3-5 times a week for maintenance for people who are middle aged or older
  • 4-7 times a week to promote hair growth, repair damages, or treat infections (*consult your doctor before use)

Remember, as the scalp ages, its hair regrowth cycles will start to lose some steam. For this reason, it is especially important for adults of middle age and older to regularly use a scalp serum in order to protect against hair thinning and loss as they age.

Things You Might Not Have Realized Are Rough On Your Scalp

A lot of popular hairstyles are actually really rough on the scalp. Anything that places tension on the scalp or dries it out can cause problems that lead to hair thinning and loss. This includes: 

    • Coloring
    • Perms
    • Straightening (chemically or with flat irons)
    • Curling irons
    • Blow drying
    • Weaves
    • Wigs
    • Braids
    • Cornrows
    • Buns
    • Ponytails 

Are we saying you shouldn’t wear these styles? No! We just want you to understand that when you do wear these styles, you will need to give your scalp some extra love and regularly apply a healing scalp serum.  

“Braids, weaves, and cornrows pull on the hair from the shaft and add much tension to the scalp. These styles cause the hair, especially new growth hair (fine baby hair), to get weak and constantly break,” Vigor Roots Founder Nathalee DuRose explains. She recommends that anyone wearing a protective style apply scalp serum regularly in order to strengthen the hair follicles.

While color, perm, and heat, when properly implemented, won’t damage the scalp, the hair shafts do become weakened and break off easily. But, a scalp care routine will ensure that the new hair growth will be healthy.

It’s important to note that if you are attempting coloring, heat, and complex styling at home without the help of a professional hair stylist, you might be unnecessarily damaging your scalp. We highly recommend that you go to a reputable salon for advanced styling.

What To Look For In Hair Growth Products 

Ready to protect your hair by implementing a scalp care routine? Great! Here’s what you should consider when purchasing products.

Firstly, many popular hair growth products rely on harsh chemicals for short term solutions. While these products may stimulate rapid hair growth, the new hair is often quite thin and brittle and breaks off easily.

For a more long lasting solution, DuRose recommends using an all natural product like Root22Serum that relies on healthy, plant-based remedies to promote the growth of healthy, resilient hair.

Two fashionable, slick looking young people stand against a black background, facing out. The caption reads: "Before it's too late, start a scalp care routine."

The number one factor is ingredients; you want to ensure that the products will contribute to a healthy scalp,” DuRose says. “You want to check that the product will treat infections, dandruff, or other scalp diseases that prevent hair growth and/or diminish hair health.”

Hair loss concealers in the form of temporary dyes, sprays, and crayons are also a short term solution. They may disguise bald spots, but they also tend to clog the pores and inhibit new hair growth.

Many people who currently use hair loss concealers could restore hair and scalp health by implementing a scalp care routine, but are instead accidentally hindering the return of healthy hair.

It’s Not Too Late For #ScalpCareSelfCare

The great thing about implementing a regular scalp care routine is that you can make it a pleasurable ritual with the right product. The more gentle and luxurious the scalp serum you use, the more fun it is to regularly massage it into your scalp and enjoy the relaxing fragrance.

If you can’t wait to try Root22Serum, you can buy it here.

Are you one of the legions of people that never learned to care for your scalp? You are so not alone. Follow us on Instagram for more #ScalpCareSelfCare tips.


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