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Hair Loss, Breakage, and Shedding

Hair Loss, Breakage, and Shedding

Let's talk about a topic that's on everyone's mind: hair loss, breakage, and shedding.

The most important step in maintaining your hair's health is understanding your hair's health. Recognizing that these issues come at various levels and understanding them is the first step toward addressing them effectively.

By being aware of the different levels of hair loss, breakage, and shedding, you can better assess your own situation and determine the appropriate course of action. Whether you're dealing with occasional shedding or more severe hair loss, there are solutions available to help you manage and address these issues.

Don't know the severity of your loss? Check out this chart!

Level One - Normal/Balanced: At this stage, breakage may result from rough detangling methods. Typically, you'll lose about 10 or fewer strands on wash days and 5 or fewer on non-wash days. (Note: This does not include natural shedding.)

Level Two—Moderate: Without proper protein or moisture, breakage occurs more frequently. Hair may cover the floor and sink during styling, and you may lose no more than 10-15 strands on non-wash days and 15-20 on wash days. At this level, medium to large chunks of hair may be lost.

Level Three—Severe: Signs include thinning, short pieces, and patchy hair loss. Large clumps of hair are lost during comb-outs and wash days. Trimming may be necessary to restore hair health. Poor maintenance and excessive heat can rapidly escalate hair from level 1 to level 3.

Remember, Hair loss can be caused by various factors, including stress, hormonal changes, diet, and genetics. Breakage occurs when the hair shaft becomes weak and snaps off, often due to damage from heat styling, chemical treatments, or rough handling. Shedding is a natural part of the hair growth cycle, but it's also a way for your hair to tell you it needs help.

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