My Story

Nathalee Headshot
I got my first perm at age 12; I was excited, a beautiful windy summer day, it was amazing my hair was bone straight and flowing down my back. Since that summer, my hair never grew past my ear. Damages stemming from perms, color, heat, and braids destroyed my hair health.
Fast forward to my inspiration, my oldest daughter Kailynn, in 2009. After her birth, I wanted to ensure that she sees herself in me. Henceforth my decision to grow my hair back into its natural textured curls. Which led me to months into years of research on hair care, products, chemicals, maintenance, styling, scalp health, and hair growth. This was when I realized the limited selection of product availability for textured and naturally curly hair.

From here, I started sourcing natural ingredients and using my skills in the kitchen to concoct natural hair care products that work. Root22Serum has been in development for over 10 years, created with a proprietary formula. Innovated by scientists guaranteeing industry standards, maximum benefits, and a high-quality product.

I have made the perfect oil blend that has been proven effective with 22 organic FDA-approved ingredients. Organic haircare, 100% natural, and VEGAN! My mission is to help as many people as possible remove the shame of hair loss and embrace a healthy scalp routine. Wholeheartedly I believe it’s imperative for everyone to feel included. Root22Serum is excellent for every gender, and all hair types will benefit from healthy hair growth.

-Nathalee D