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Scalp Repair For Hair Repair

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My Story

My Story: Developing a Growth Serum to Break Generational Cycles of Hair Loss

When her 3-year-old daughter came home sobbing about her hair, Nathalee knew she had to do something. She was heartbroken that her beautiful toddler already assumed her hair should be straight like all her school friends. Nathalee was determined to show her daughter that their natural hair deserved to be celebrated.

There was just one problem: Nathalee hadn’t been able to grow her hair past her ear since her first perm at age 12. Rotating through perms, color, heat, and braids ever since, her hair health had never recovered.

But Nathalee was not about to let that stop her.

When the natural hair growth products on the market proved disappointing, she didn’t give up. When useful information about proper scalp care and natural hair loss treatments was hard to come by, Nathalee still wasn’t deterred.

Instead, she invented her own growth serum.

Restoring Hair Hope

Starts With The Scalp

Foundation for Healthy Hair

A well-nourished scalp forms the foundation for strong, vibrant hair growth. Healthy follicles mean healthier strands!

Prevents Wrinkly Scalp

Proper scalp care can help prevent common issues like dandruff, itchiness, and excess oil production, ensuring your hair looks and feels its best.

The Key For Regrowth

Regular scalp massages and care promote better blood circulation, delivering essential nutrients to hair roots and promoting growth.

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My First Product

Root22Serum: Powerful Organic Remedies For Hair Damage & Loss

Through extensive research, scientific collaboration, and experimentation, Nathalee developed Root22Serum: a powerful formula that not only remedies hair thinning and loss, but holistically addresses scalp and hair health. Nathalee’s formula includes 22 organic hair stimulants per bottle- far more than most competing products.

This fragrant growth serum’s results could be mistaken for magic. Not only did Nathalee’s formerly thinning hair start to grow back in luscious abundance, but she started hearing amazing stories from friends, family, and acquaintances who had brought Root22Serum into their self care routines. Traction alopecia was easing. Men’s patchy beards weren’t so patchy anymore. Dry, itchy scalps were soothed. Hair stopped breaking and became healthier, shinier, and more supple.

As Nathalee watched Root22Serum heal both hair loss and generational shame over thinning hairlines, she realized she had tapped into a larger calling.

Start Your Scalp Care Journey

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