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Restoring Healthy Hair At The Root with Root22Serum: A Plant-Based Scalp Care Hair Growth Serum.

Perfect for all hair types

Root22Serum is an all natural hair growth serum.

Root22Serum: All Natural Hair Growth Serum

Vigor Roots’ signature product is Root22Serum, an all natural scalp treatment formulated with 22 certified organic, plant-based hair growth stimulants. This powerful growth serum helps to soothe:

Hair thinning, Hair loss, Damage from heat, color, chemicals, weaves, wigs, and hairstyles that place tension on the scalp and hairline, Traction alopecia, Patchy beards, Sparse facial hair, Dry, itchy scalps, Dandruff, Breakage, and Dullness.

All natural hair loss treatment.

Everyone Deserves a #ScalpCareSelfCare Routine

Root22Serum is for:

  • All genders, ages, ethnicities, and hair types experiencing hair thinning and loss.

Anyone whose scalp could use some extra love due to weaves, wigs, heat, color, chemicals, and hairstyles that place tension on the scalp and hairline.
Everyone who wants to embrace healthy, natural hair.
Everybody ready to adopt a scalp care routine in order to prevent hair thinning and loss.
Those struggling with dry, itchy scalps (*Consult your doctor before use)
People suffering from dull, brittle hair.
Children who haven’t grown a full head of hair by age 5.
Root22Serum is an all natural scalp treatment.

Don't give up on your hair!

Many, many people were never taught to properly care for their scalp and are now suffering from hair thinning and loss. Since these issues have recurred for generations, many assume that it’s hereditary. But that’s often not actually the case!

For many people, hair health can be restored by properly caring for the scalp. In fact, adopting a regular scalp care early on can prevent hair thinning and loss. Not sure how to have a healthy scalp care routine? Check out #root22serum blog, Instagram, and Facebook for gentle, non-judgmental information on scalp care.

Natural Scalp Treatment: Plant-Based Hair Loss Remedies & Prevention

The ingredients in each bottle will not only improve hair growth, strength, and shine, but are also proven to promote scalp health. 

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Scalp Care