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Recommended for weaves and wigs

I started using Vigor Roots approx. 3 months ago. At the time, I was an avid lace wig wearer, which resulted in me losing my edges. I started using the oil twice a day and after 4 weeks i saw a noticeable difference and by 6 weeks my edges had fully grown back! The oil is now part of my daily routine. I wear braids a lot and the oil is perfect for preventing breakage.

Worked on thinning beard

My husband loves the serum. I didn't think he was using it until he came home one day in a great mood! He had just came from the barber and said "they didn't have to fill-in my edges with AIRBRUSH today!" He said "that rollerball stuff works!" He said "look at my beard! No BLACK DULLER had to be applied!"

Really Stimulates Growth!

Truly happy with the results so far! The entire family uses it, and it helps to keep our hair moisturized just right! The hair growth is gradually coming along!

Vigor Roots Hair Serum

This product is simply amazing. I used it for myself and my daughter. The results were great. I'm definitely recommending this product to my friends and family.

Great moisturizer

I have been using the hair serum for about two months on my hair and my two girls. I have low cut 4C hair, my older daughter has shoulder length type 3 hair and my baby had no hair at the back of her head. The serum moisturize our hair without weighing it down. My baby's hair has started to grow and she like when the ball is rolled on her scalp.
The serum has a mild scent which is good as I am sensitive to scent.

Genius application

At first I was put off by the rollerball because I was sure it'd get tangled up in me hair. This particular rollerball has like safety edges surrounding the ball so there's absolutely no tangling or snagging at the root. I have long locs and when I received the 1.7oz bottle I'd just retwisted my new growth like 3 days before so there was visible scalp and applying the serum directly on the parts was super simple. More importantly, my scalp was super tight and irritated because I am unbelievably 'tender headed' and this serum was immediately soothing. I probably over applied the first few days because it felt so good! It's been 11 days since I started this treatment and I've used as directed, once a day. While I don't suffer from hair loss I have always struggled with shedding and breakage - Yes, even with locs. My new growth is so freaking strong right now and I have not had and issues with shredding IN DAYS, it's literally incredible. I usually always have some little stray hairs here and there, and sometimes everywhere when I'm styling my locs but these days that has not been an issue at all. Like. In 11 days I've counted 4 shredded hairs. 4. I'm guessing it penetrates the hair shaft at some point? This is good stuff. I've been growing my locs for 10 years and I have never found a product that's so effective at keeping my hair shiny and my scalp hydrated while also encouraging healthy strong growth. The closest I've gotten is with black castor oil for making my scalp feel good but it's been too easy for me to go overboard with that and oily locs are not the business. I am impressed and of course pleased with this serum and I'll be picking up a few bottles for my daughters. We'll done Vigor Roots, A+

Works for my dry, flaky, thinning hair

I was a little bit concerned in the beginning because there is an oil-base to the serum and I thought that it would make my hair greasy or make my roots greasy and it has not done that at all. I have been using it for two and a half weeks and I've gotten so many compliments on my hair. I definitely have noticed the difference. I feel the volume is coming back and flyaways are leaving. It's less flaky. It's less dry and I love it.

Vigor Roots Hair Serum
barrington blake
Works on my thinning hair

I’ve been using vigor roots for about a month now and i could see the tremendous results from vigor roots.The vigor roots products have secured my confidence in the vigor roots brand. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND the VIGOR ROOTS products to every man who is losing hair or going through thinning of the hair.

Works on bald spots

I can never find time to apply #root22serum daily 🙂 but I use it 2 to 3 days per week on this ONE bald spot my daughter had and 20 days later look at her follicles! I can't make this up.

Vigor Roots Hair Serum
Leandra Ayers
2 Weeks

OMG!! I'm in loovvvveeee with this product! I've been using it consistently for 2 weeks now and already can see a difference in new growth! The applicator bottle is so efficient and easy to use. I just can't praise this product enough! I will always keep it in my hair care routine from here on out!

Works wonders

I hardly wear my natural hair because it didn't have much volume as it use to and my edges "WERE" really bad, I was next to bald at my hair line. I started using the serum three and a half weeks ago and on wk 2 I say major results. Definitely worth every penny, my hair hasn't look like this since i was a kid.

We are happy to hear you have seen improvements in your hair. Thank you for sharing!

Great Hair Serum

I have always purchased hair growth oils but never before have I tried a serum. This was new for me, I added Root22Serum to my daily morning routine two week ago, already my hair is fully, thicker and I have gained 1/2" in growth. My edges are also visibly growing back. It's unbelievable, this product does exactly what was described. It has a natural herbal scent that does not linger all day. I love the functional bottle, the ball feels so good on my scalp, the dropper is great when I need additional sheen on my hair or I am in hurry and need to get the serum on my scalp quickly. My recommendation remember to take your photos and videos to really compare your results. This is my only regret :) I kept forgetting to snap a pic. Worth every $.

Worth the Investment

I normally don’t write product reviews, but Vigor Roots is an amazing product for hair growth. It’s the truth! I started using the product after I embraced my natural hair during COVID. When I took my hair out of my weave - my hair and hair line(aka my edges) were incredibly thin. I used the Vigor Roots growth serum for 30 days and witness 1inch of growth. I had to trim my ends afterwards so lost 1/2 inch. It was great. Since then I have watched my hair grow and flourish. I have hair goals and will keep Vigor Roots in my hair routine. It’s worth the investment!

Traction alopecia is REAL, we love to see that you have found a solution.


The root22serum works as my expectation. It's silky and smooth. Overall it's good.

Awesome serum work wonders

Roots22serum is the best it works wonders it's a great serum after using this serum for 4 days I start seeing smoothness in my edges and the feeling of my hair texture for the first time I'm thinking of going natural the ball on the bottle let me want to use it each time I see the bottle it's very smoothing. The smell of the serum is awesome. This product really works wonders would recommend Vigorroots Roots22serum

Great for my scalp

I have been using the root22serum for 4 weeks. I used it daily on my scalp as I suffer from severe dry scalp and flaking. This is one of the best results I have gotten from a hair product. My hair maintained moisture and my scalp has been itch and flake free for the last 4 weeks. I do not miss the embarrassing white flakes in my hair. A bonus for me is that I have gained 1inch growth in the front and back of my hair. The root22serum has become a staple in my hair regiment.

Vigor Roots Hair Serum
Delanyo S. Connor

Great product. I've been using it for a little over a month and I'm already seeing noticeable results. I'm very excited to see more results in time.

Amazing product !!!

I have been using this product now for approximately 3 months, and the results are amazing. My hair is much thicker and have grown longer. I had a boy cut back in December and now my hair can be slick in a ponytail. Never have my hair grown so fast, before using this product.
The best part of me is that it is not greasy, which makes sense why it can be used daily.
I was skeptical about using oil, thinking it would have been a build up of grease if applied everyday.



I started using vigor roots about a month ago and I already see a tremendous difference. My edges were slightly thinning out due to wearing lace fronts constantly, and since using vigor roots they have thickened within the month. I recommend this to any and everyone who wants to retain hair length! You won’t regret it. I haven’t had a product work as good as this one.

Vigor Roots Hair Serum
Kishma Gautier Corriette
Easy to use great product

I started using vigor roots brand for about three weeks now and I can honestly say the roller on the bottle makes it so easy to apply without the dripping. The oil combination smells really good and I am seeing a growth in my edges. Great product.

Vigor Roots Hair Serum
Doreen Pinock
Excellent For Hair Grow

I had horrible hair for multiple years. I had itching, no growth, and major hairline loss. This serum helped replenish my hair. My hair has grown 6 inches in 4 months. I have no shedding, no itching, and my hair is so soft and thick. I highly recommend this for someone with hair loss.

When I learnt about vigorroots I was thinking well this is just another hair product. I wasn’t over the moon about it but then I saw other reviews and decided to try it. Is like I want to keep it a secret but I can’t! This serum works wonders! The first month of using it my my hair grew 1 1/2 inches. I was so happy! The fragrance is divine! So divine! I love when my hair smells good. I’m still using it daily. My hair has gotten thicker as well. This product is genius!

Miracle! It really works!

I have had damaged hair for over 15 years. I didn’t know there was any hope to see actual hair on my head! I have been masking this shame with wigs and weaves. I was introduced to Root22Serum by a family member, and I decided to try it. I purchased a large bottle that comes with a free hair bonnet. I love the packaging and cute card with instructions on how to use it. I applied the serum twice every day, mornings, and nights for 90 days. I did not skip a day. And look at my results! I was so happy and excited to see hair on my head. Bald spots filling in. I contacted the vigor roots immediately 😊 to congratulate the owner and share my review personally. I am proving this work! If you are struggling with bald spots, hair loss or hair thinning and will stay committed and consistent to see the results, your hair will grow like mine! By the way, I love the application ball feels so good on my scalp!

Vigor Roots Hair Serum
Super Hair Serum

My hair is growing faster, softer and stronger. Thanks for this excellent serum.

Vigor Roots Scalp Care
Loved it!

It came in a tiny bottle with a ruler and the instructions. You'll have to apply this in a damp or wet hair. It's a roll on bottle so it's very easy to apply. A little oily but not greasy and didn't leave any residue on my fingers. I can't tell the smell but it's not bad. This tames my hair. I'm loving the effects of it on my hair. I will continue to use to see more visible change.