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Based on 66 reviews
Wash Day Bundle
Crystal Smith
My hair needed this

I love the way my hair feels after a wash. It feels like life is back in. Thank you

This smell!!!!

I sweat a lot when I workout, especially from my scalp and vigor roots products have helped with the buildup and health of my scalp like no other! I can smell the product as i’m sweating and it’s amazing 😂 this mist is now my go to after my workouts to freshen up my scalp!

Wash Day Bundle
Towana Copeland
Best scent ever

I washed my hair recently. Two days after my wash, my friend commented that my parfume smells nice. Guess what I did not have any on! It was my Vigor roots mask. The fragrance is long lasting. It’s also work’s wonders when you wear the heating cap. My hair was soft and not tangled.

RootCare Bundle SM
Jessie J
Love this bundle!

I've been a licensed hairstylist for over 12 yrs and am always on the hunt for quality products to share with my clients. Over the years I have experimented with a plethora of different items and the products in this bundle immediately stood out amongst the others. They didn't leave my scalp or hair overly greasy like other serums and masks I've used and I definitely noticed a difference in my hair density, strength, and hydration levels. I love the ingredients used in all of these products and actually feel confident referring this brand to my clients who trust my expertise. Thank you Vigor Roots for taking care in your craft.

RootCare Bundle SM
Catherine M
Exactly what I needed

So happy that I was able to try out the RootCare bundle. It feels so good to be putting quality ingredients on my scalp.

RootCare Bundle SM
Kessiana P.
Absolutely love Root22

I’ve been using Vigor Roots for a couple weeks now and definitely felt and seen results almost immediately. The back of my head had a spot that was tender and hurt when I touched or rubbed it. I started applying Root22Serum to that spot and literally within 3days the spot healed and the pain stoppped. And within two weeks I saw my edges growing back. Sadly I’m a victim of a poor wig installation and lost a lot of baby hairs on the right side of my head. I was devastated but Vigor Roots gave me hope again. I really believe if I continue to be consistent Vigor Roots can help me get my hair back to what it use to be. (I’m one of those girl that had lots of hair as a child and just ruined it all as time went on:sob:, and yes a perm contributed to the trauma) Definitely don’t see myself using anything else for a while. The smell is herbal but not overbearing the roller ball is literally healing and my hair locks in the oil all day, it rarely feels dry and I have super dry hair. Thanks Nathalee I love my bundle box so much! 10/10 recommend.

RootCare Bundle SM
Alisha K.
But actually...where has this been my whole life?

This bundle did everything it said and more. I have naturally wavy hair but have experienced an abnormal amount of shedding and thinning this year due to COVID and stress.

Not only has my shedding decreased, I've also experienced thicker fuller and HEALTHIER hair.

I'm working in all areas to decrease my shedding and I'm so glad I discovered a brand that specifically targets that area...it's no fluff 100% QUALITY.

RootCare Bundle SM
Mihret Niguse

RootCare Bundle SM

RootCare Bundle SM
Mihret N.
Loved the products. They smelled

Loved the products. They smelled great and my hair felt so moisturized after!

Very little shedding after wash

Very good products. I was pleased

Gave as a gift

They loved it! Said it smells great too.

Wash Day Bundle
Doreen Pinock
Helps With Itching and Hair Growth

Bought this because I had lost my hairline over the past 8 years. With regular usage, my hairline is coming back in! My hair has also stopped itching and my hair is so much thicker! Would definitely recommend!

Kerida Scott
Amazing product

This product is unbelievably amazing. My hair was super dry and brittle. After using the Root quench the second time I could see a difference. My hair feels moisturize and much softer.
I am transitioning from relax hair to my natural 4c hair, and this product makes it much eaiser to manage my transition.

I'm in love with it! It truly deserves it's name!! Root quench .


I dont know what I like more….the shampoo or the conditioner…but my hair loves BOTH & that’s a PLUS in my book!!

Good but Greasy

The product seems good and the roller application method excellent, but it makes my hair super greasy. I have very fine and thin hair, so even though I only put on a little bit of oil at night, by morning I have to wash my hair (multiple times) to get it out. I usually shower at night, so this is a big inconvenience. Once the oil is out, my hair has nice volume and looks healthy, but I really have to time my use carefully to avoid going out with visibly oily hair.

So far, I haven’t seen any difference in hair shedding or growth, but I can’t use the product as often as I’d like.


I love everything about the root22 serum from the rollerball applicator to the amazing ingredients. I can apply it everyday and it doesn’t make my hair greasy. Highly recommend!!!

Root serum try out

It automatically started putting an end to my itching scalp. It made it feel a whole lot better

Best hair cover ever

I have never been more happier covering my hair. Vigor roots milk- silk hair bonnet gives me the courage to continue covering my hair it feels really good my really keep moist

Vigor roots serum

Before I heard of Vigor roots I was feeling hopeless about my hair, it was just falling off and nothing I used, seems to be helping. I decided to give this product a try and I am confident that it only will get better, because my hair is already feeling better and looking better. Definitely a win win for me


Just like everything else you have to be consistent with the application and then you will see results. I definitely have. I like the fact that you can apply Vigor Roots every day and your hair doesn’t feel or look greasy/oily, you can definitely go a couple of days even a week without washing your hair.

Secure bonnet

I love this bonnet. I purchased three to ensure one was always available. It stays on my head throughout the night. My edges are definitely protected!

Thanks to you

Glad I found Root22Serum!

Secure bonnet

Have you ever went to sleep with a bonnet and woke up with it at the bottom of the bed?
This is not one of those bonnets! I'm a wild sleeper. I toss and turn all night. Every time I wake up, It's still securely on my head. This bonnet fits perfectly, great quality, and survived the washing machine. I love it so
much that I purchased two more.
I can't wait for your new products

Newbie to the natural world


I love this serum. After a summer of wearing braids, I loss some of my hairline due to tension. I have been using the product for one year; however, I recommitted and VigorRoots has worked wonders on my hair line. It’s almost totally restored. I have affirmed using this product each night as apart of my hair care routine.

Amazing product, the roller ball

Amazing product, the roller ball is everything, very soothing and relaxing, smells great, a product that actually works and is good for everyone to use.!!!

Restoring Hair Hope

Starts With The Scalp

Foundation for Healthy Hair

A well-nourished scalp forms the foundation for strong, vibrant hair growth. Healthy follicles mean healthier strands!

Prevents Wrinkly Scalp

Proper scalp care can help prevent common issues like dandruff, itchiness, and excess oil production, ensuring your hair looks and feels its best.

The Key For Regrowth

Regular scalp massages and care promote better blood circulation, delivering essential nutrients to hair roots and promoting growth.

Start Your Scalp Care Journey

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