Scalp Care FAQs

Root22Serum FAQs: A Scalp Care Treatment For Men & Women

How does Root22Serum compare to other natural organic hair growth products on the market?

Root22Serum use naturally occurring DHT blocking ingredient in the formula to prevent the harmful effects of testosterone and DHT on hair.

Is Root22Serum like other hair growth medication which causes side effects?

There are NO reported side effects of the ingredients from Root22Serum. Our product is 100% natural with 22 Certified Organic ingredients, and these are all disclosed on our website and packaging. We encourage customers to read carefully for any personal allergens that may affect them.

Will Root22Serum work on customers with Alopecia?

Yes, we have several customers with varying levels of Alopecia who have seen fuller and thicker hair after consistent use, as directed.

When should the serum be applied?

Apply directly to the entire scalp morning or night, do not wet the scalp or hair for 6 hours after application.

How often should apply Root22Serum?

  • 2-3 times a week for kids and young adults with healthy hair
  • 3-5 times a week for maintenance for people who are middle-aged or older
  • 4-7 times a week to promote hair growth, repair damages, or treat infections/scalp conditions (*consult your doctor before use)

What is the purpose of using the rollerball applicator?
Unlike a dropper that leaves products sitting on the hair, think of using the rollerball-like using a paintbrush. It is massaging a thin layer of formula directly to the scalp. The formula will nurture the hair follicles within several hours. Repeat daily.

How soon will the results show?

Most customers have experienced a difference in their hair within 30 days; however, each individual’s hair patterns are different. We recommend consistent use for six months to allow your hair to experience several growth cycles using our serum. If you notice fine and short or baby hair strands on your scalp, it is a sign of hair regrowth.

When will there be signs that the serum is working?

Root22Serum is an experience; on the outside, it moisturizes and adds shine to the hair. On the inside, it begins first by restoring the scalp. The scalp will display less flakiness, dryness, or dandruff. A healthy scalp is ready for hair growth, and the hair follicles will begin to absorb the ingredients found in Root22Serum. These new hair follicles must remain vital for the hair to continuously grow (breaking this process or adding excess tension to the hair roots will slow or stop the hair growth), primarily after hair loss or during hair thinning.

Using Root22Serum as directed over time, the scalp will go through all the stages of development, and the hair will go through different growth cycles. Soon after, there will be noticeable differences of fewer than average flyaways or reduction of excessive shedding, thicker, fuller hair, bald spots filled in, and hair growth.  

Will Root22Serum cause hair shedding

Shedding between 50 and 100 hairs per day is a normal part of the hair growth life cycle. Sometimes weaker hair will break off as the stronger strands fill in. 

After hair regrowth, does it require continuous use of the hair serum?

A million-dollar question, for the optimum health of the scalp and hair, our recommendation is to maintain a scalp care routine twice per week as a minimum requirement. 

Will Root22Serum grow hair in other areas of the body?

We have had customers reporting great facial hair results, beards growing fuller and thicker after consistent use.

Does Root22Serum work on all hair types?

Root22Serum is not limited to a specific hair type. Several customers have reported success stories (see reviews) on Root22Serum restoring damaged scalp and promoting healthy hair on all hair types and textures.

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