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Why Natural Hair Care Products Are Better For You

Why Natural Hair Care Products Are Better For You

Plant-based, natural hair care products might cost you a little more than the products in your nearest grocery store. But, if you want long-lasting, healthy hair, they’re well worth the investment.
Natural hair care products are well worth the investment.


Plant-based, natural hair care products might cost you a little more than the products in your nearest grocery store. But, if you want long-lasting, healthy hair, they’re well worth the investment.

Chemicals are Rough on The Scalp

Many of the chemicals commonly found in popular shampoos, conditioners, dyes, hair sprays, and styling products are known to cause scalp dryness and irritation. This can lead to brittle hair that breaks easily and even hair thinning and loss.

Surprised harmful ingredients can be found in popular hair care products? The culprit is often preservatives. Many manufacturers want to extend the shelf life of hair products as long as possible in order to increase the window of opportunity for sales. The problem is that many preservatives, such as formaldehyde and parabens, have shown evidence of being harmful to humans- even carcinogenic.

Sulfates, another common ingredient, are often included to cause products to lather and deep clean the scalp. But, they can irritate and dry out the scalp and cause frizzy hair in people with sensitive skin or dyed or chemically treated hair.

Added fragrance can also cause irritation and damage the scalp.

Alcohol is another common ingredient in mass-produced hair products. Often used as a thickening agent for hair products, some alcohols are known to dry out the scalp and hair.

Plant-Based Ingredients Are Healthier 

Don’t worry, there are other options. Not all hair care products will poison your scalp.

The trick is to look for hair care products with natural, plant-based ingredients.

Hair health is directly tied to the health of the scalp. Just like the skin of your face, the skin of your scalp needs to be regularly cleansed and moisturized in order to grow strong, healthy hair.

A dry or irritated scalp can lead to hair loss due to brittle hair that breaks off easily. A severely damaged scalp can stop growing hair altogether. That’s why it’s so important to use hair care products that are gentle on the scalp as you cleanse and style your hair.

So, you should always take a look at the list of ingredients before you buy a hair care product. Steer clear of harsh chemicals, steer toward plant-based ingredients. Remember, if it’s safe enough to ingest, it’s generally safe enough to use on your scalp.

Go with organic ingredients when you can. Organic ingredients are grown and processed without pesticides and harmful chemicals. Not only is this safer for your scalp, but it also brings the maximum benefit of the plant to your hair. For example, lavender oil is a diluted blend of multiple ingredients. Organic lavender extract brings the hair care benefits of the plant directly to your scalp.

Plant-based hair care products are gentler on the scalp.

"If it’s not an organically grown plant, you won’t be able to get maximum benefit from it.”
- Nathalee DuRose, Vigor Roots Founder & CEO

Certain Plants Safely Stimulate Hair Growth

Plants are our friends. Before we had factories and laboratories to synthesize and mass-produce the hair products we see in the grocery store aisle, our ancestors used plant-based ingredients to make their hair beautiful and luxurious.

Many familiar plants have a long history of being used to stimulate hair growth. Coffee and green tea have been shown to balance out hormone-related alopecia. Herbs like clover and nettle have long been associated with healthy hair growth. Plant-based oils like coconut and shea soothe and moisturize the skin of the scalp and prevent hair breakage.

Reducing Stress Helps Your Hair

Another benefit of plant-based hair care ingredients is that many of them have gorgeous scents.

Natural hair friends like lavender and rosemary have a soothing fragrance that contributes to stress reduction in addition to their antibacterial properties.

Research has shown that chronic stress contributes to hair loss. So, if your scalp care routine has the added benefit of keeping you serene and calm, all the better for your hair!

Further, since everyone could benefit from the regular washing, conditioning, and moisturizing of their hair- they’ll be more motivated to keep up with their scalp care routine if the routine is pleasant, relaxing, and smells great.

Why Natural Hair Care Products Are Worth The Investment

It’s true that organic, plant-based hair care products are generally more expensive than mass-produced hair products at the convenience store.

But what you get back in benefit to the appearance, feel, and long-term health of your hair makes it well worth the investment.

Remember, cheaper does not mean better. Also, it’s not necessarily even more cost effective. Since organic, natural hair care products tend to be more concentrated- you can use less per application than commercial, chemical products.

Also, when you think of how much money people invest trying to regain their hair once it starts to thin, preventing hair loss from the start is a much more prudent way to go for the health of both your hair and your finances.

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