How To Use Root22Serum

Hair health begins at the scalp. Try Root22Serum growth serum.Directions 

Apply Root22Serum by gently massaging in a circular motion directly to the entire scalp daily. Massage with fingertips ensuring the scalp is fully covered. Style as usual. 

Benefits of The Roller Applicator 

A scalp version of a face roller, our bottles are designed with a stainless steel roller ball. The roller helps you stimulate cell turnover, increase blood flow, and improve scalp circulation, providing a healthier environment for robust hair growth by bringing more nutrients to hair follicles.

Consistency Is Key

Several key ingredients reinforce hair from the roots up and prolong hair regrowth. These rejuvenating, plant-based hair growth stimulants revitalize damaged and dry hair along with preventing hair fall.

Most customers have experienced a difference in their hair within 30 days. However, each individual’s hair patterns are different. We recommend consistent use for six months to allow your hair to experience several growth cycles using our serum. If you notice fine and short or baby hair strands on your scalp, it is a sign of hair regrowth.

To reactivate hair growth, apply twice daily. Track your progress with before and after pictures, as well as hair length checks. Don't forget to tag us in your pics!

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